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pension kulen vakuf

Natural beauty and points of interest

Kulen Vakuf - settled on both sides of river Una. Surrounded by forest the basic characteristics of Kulen Vakuf are beauty and serenity. Located in centar of National park, this small town is well known as one of the best fly fishing spots in Europe with many international competitions. Also, about 8 km away from Kulen Vakuf is the begining of the Bosnian most attractive white-river rafting route.

Martin Brod - Like Kulen Vakuf, Martin Brod represents a little touristic place. Located eight  km upriver away from Kulen Vakuf, situated in a deep valley at the mouth of Unac into Una river, with its waterfalls and untouched nature is a true pearl of  National park.

Old town Ostrovica - Historic town from the period of Ottoman empire. Ostrovica was representing the most east frontier of ancient Ottoman empire. Now, it represents the touristic destination for all who want to get a better knowlege of Bosnia history.

Strbacki Buk waterfalls - no words to describe...Bosnian Niagara maybe... must be seen and experienced.

The medieval town Rmanj - was built in late 14th or early 15th century at the mouth of Unac into Una is known through legend. It is about a girl that was in love a long time ago and who drowned in one of the drafts of Una, called the ships by the locals, rushing to meet with her beloved on the other side of the river, so the place was called - Martin Brod (ford).

Monastery Rmanj in Martin Brod - dedicated to St. Nikolaj Mirlikijski, was built in 1443.godine. It is attributed as the endowments of Katarina Brankovic - daughter of Serbian despot Đorđa Brankovića and the wife of Count Ulrih II Celjski. In earlier documents, the monastery Rmanj is called: Hrmanj, Ajerman, Chermlja, Szermil, Hermanya, Herman, and it was named after the son of Katarina, Herman III, who died young due to illness so Katarina built the monastery in his honor.

Mosque in Kulen Vakuf - was built during the reign of Sultan Ahmed I(1603-1617) builder of the famous Ahmed Fontain in Istanbul. These are earlier raised mosques, which represented the beginning of the urban formation of these small towns.

Orašac (Orešac) - late medieval city - above the village Orašac, the ruin of the same name of the late medieval town rises. The tower, 10 m high, is still present, and belonged to the parish Hum. In it you can see traces of a later subdivision where in the middle of repairs the tower changed its original form. Most of the towns and mosques were built between 1703 and 1730 during the period of Turkish rule. Today, a city is in ruins, and the tower is the best preserved.

Rivers - Una, Unac and Krka as three jewels of the natural heritage of the National Park "Una", make a combination of valuable natural features, of diverse and preserved natural landscapes of exceptional beauty and rich cultural and historical heritage.

What to do?

Besides visiting above mentioned sights, rafting on the Una River is an unforgettable adventure, while mountain cycling, trekking and mountaineering are a perfect way of maintaining and improving psycho-physical capabilities. Numerous trails and pathways and the diversity of the terrain surrounding the river of Una guarantee an unforgettable experience and a break for all nature and recreation enthusiasts, while the area's untouched nature offers a lot of enjoying in hunting and fishing.

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pansion Kulen Vakuf
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